Last Outfit Documentation of 2k14 x Hello 2k15

What i wore to Nura’s birthday lunch! We celebrated it in advanced (on New Year’s Eve) so that’s why this was my last 2k14 outfit. Also, her theme was to wear white with another color and this was the outfit that i managed to come up with. Also, i don’t own that many white in my wardrobe :’) I sure wasn’t planning on wearing one of my band tees or my white Macbeth t-shirt on that day haha.

Outfit Documentation #25 | Dinah Amira | dreams and oceans
Juju Seven | Dinah Amira | dreams and oceans
Outfit Documentation #25:

Denim Outerwear – Topman (Boyfriend’s jacket hehe)
White tank top – Forever 21
Gingham skirt – New Look
Shoes – Juju Seven in Black
Bag – Vintage

Lookbook | Chictopia

Outfit Documentation #25 | Dinah Amira | dreams and oceans

Wow i can’t believe a whole year just flew by like that. Somehow, i don’t entirely feel all that accomplished but hey. I’m only 20 (and also at the same time i’m not being too complacent in life, hah). This is a goodbye letter to 2014, the year where i’ve lived for 2 whole decade, the gap year where i took a break (really long one) from school, the year where i grew and learn(but then again we grow every year so), the year where i dyed my hair magenta and also resisted from having bangs, the year where i interned at Honeycombers, the year i traveled to Bali for the second time and this time with my family.

I have to admit, 2014 isn’t exactly my favourite year… BUT i’m grateful for the people that came into my life and actually stayed. Y’all know who you are ;) I also learnt that some people will come and go in your life but i’m glad that i got to know them because they probably taught me a thing or two that i probably wouldn’t have known if i didn’t met them. I guess that goes for work life.

I entered 2014 with no expectations and i’m entering 2015 the same! I do have my own fair share of resolutions and hopes for the new year but i’ve left those in my own personal journal :)

Blog wise, i’ve so many posts that i hope i could publish them all by the end of this week! My December Haul post, December Visuals post and a post about my internship at Honeycombers. I’m also planning on resuming my Friday Favourites section. I’ve only done one hahaha okay that shall be my blog resolution. Also, if time allows me, i’d like to update this space as often like i used too!

Blog Resolutions:
– Continue Outfit Documentations
– Continue Monthly Haul (if i’ve shopped for that month)
– Continue Friday Favourites


Have an amazing year ahead everyone! :)


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