Friday Favorites #1


I just literally ordered this adorable mug. I have never gotten myself a nice mug before so this is a good start + i really dig Russian/Babushka/matryoshka dolls!

Steve Madden - Plato sandals
Steve Madden – Plato sandals

I’m a huge fan of sandals and these didn’t catch my eye in the beginning but the color really attracted me! It’s a more cobalt blue kinda tone in real life. These sandals are cute however when i tried them on, the front part kinda hurts though… Maybe cause it’s still new. Anyway these are made from legitimate leather + are made in Italy so quality wise, they’re good. I’m still contemplating on getting these babies (cause i’m planning on getting another pair of Saltwater sandals soon.)

Steve Madden - Croatia sandals
Steve Madden – Croatia sandals

Another pair of Steve Madden sandals which i’m digging right now. Same quality like the above sandals BUT these are waay more comfortable. Simple yet cute.


Okay okay i know i already have the moon phase tank but i sure want the tote bag as well!


So pretty i just need it in my wardrobe. Shipping cost breaks my heart though ha ha ha :(


Was on pinterest and came across this pretty compass ring on my pinterest homepage.


Saw these on my pinterest homepage as well. They’re so pretty (and remind me of Pokemon, i’ve no idea why…). They’re actually called ‘Sun Ray earrings’. The price for these are insane too hahaha no surprises there.


Two words: Joy Division. One of the most amazing post-punk bands of 70s-80s.

via people webs on etsy
via peoplewebs on etsy

I adore the gingham style that i don’t even care if they look like picnic mats (i love picnics too so what the heck). They make such pretty dresses and tops.

I’m gonna make the Friday Favorites a weekly thing! The things i want and am lusting over on the interwebz. I actually got ~inspired~ but one of my fav bloggers thedaintysquid! Been a fan of hers when i stumbled upon her site while googling about something and her page was one of the google results. She has wicked sense of fashion, has one hell o a film cameras collection and really great taste in books. Super cool beanz.

P.S. I’ve an active lookbook account now yay.


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