Mood Lazurite





Camera: Vivitar T201-LX
Film: Fuji Pro 400H

This is the third time that I’ve been to Bali and this island never cease to amaze me.

There is a pattern that I noticed; I seem to be visiting Bali every two years now. But this trip was pretty much ‘impromptu’. I have some photos from my phone that I wanna share very soon too. Also, what makes this trip even more special for me is that I climbed my very first mountain — Mount Batur! Which quite frankly changed my whole outlook on life and made me feel like a different person… since I’ve been going through an early twenties existential crisis. Ugh. But I don’t think I am anymore though (I hope).

Anyway, Josh told me that this photo series gives him a ‘Gondry-esque vibe’ :3  That’s one way to describe it. These photos weren’t exactly love at first sight for me when I got them developed… I imagined them to be less cool and a lil more warm. I don’t know why… maybe cause it’s Bali and beaches and happy so that was the mood that I was intending for. I actually thought they looked quite ‘gloomy’ and ‘depressing’! But I obviously thought wrong. I should expect the photos to be more cool anyway (mainly cause of the film). But now, I’m more than happy with the results cause it gives me that sense of nostalgia since it was my return to the island. Which made me call this series Mood Lazurite.

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