First post of 2k14 / Review of 2k13

2013 wasn’t exactly my most amazing year ever. But it still has its fair share of rollin good times… It was the last year of my teenhood anyway.

Here’s a rough review in point forms

Let’s see…
– I got into my first ever (and oh God please let it be the last one) long distance relationship for nine months
– graduated from MDIS with an Advanced Diploma in Mass Comm
– first ever internship which was at Public Garden
– cut my hair the shortest length of my life
– finally done with my electone student grade at Yamaha Music School
– maintained my friendship with old friends and also made some new friends from school + gigs + work + internet
– wrote articles that’s been published on the interwebs (and was also paid to write during my internship days with Public Garden)
– met some amazing artists and bands :)

Very very sadly, i didn’t get to travel to far away countries… As much as i crave for adventures beyond Singapore. But i really hope to do so this year if i do have the opportunity.

I think my writings has significantly improved, even if it’s not a whole lot. I’d still want to continue with freelance journalism this year though. :)

I have no resolutions in particular though… I mean like i can set my own goals whenever the hell i want and not just cause it’s da new year.

Here’s to many pleasant surprises and hopefully a relatively smooth sailing year ahead! :)

PS this is also my 50th post!



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