March – May 2k15 Visuals

Here’s three month’s worth of visual vomit that has happened in my life lately. Basically photos which I’ve documented. While nothing remotely spectacular has happened, there are some changes here and there.. Both good and bad. I’ve left my last internship place and have now embarked on a another editorial adventure. And this time, I have actually landed myself a full-time job. Score. The bad change? Well, I’m not gonna touch on that part in this post. Or any part of this blog, to say the least. All in all, I’m grateful and am currently contented with life.


orchid country club
That one time i had a staycation with my family at Orchid Country Club.

Attended Art After Dark @ Gillman Barracks with Titi. The whole venue was super neat. Titi and i had fun viewing and giving our own interpretation of the many exhibitions that they had.

art after dark @ gillman barracks
art after dark @ gillman barracks
art after dark @ gillman barracks


I am incredibly impressed (and also not surprised) by Charli XCX’s stage presence! So much sassiness and grrl power in 50 minutes. Charli and her band actually reminded me of Spice Girls and The Donnas combined! She only performed two songs from her True Romance album (You and Grins) and also Superlove (which was the first ever Charli song that I listened to). I was singing along and dancing to all of her songs and the best part was that I was front and centre. I could have sworn that I was the only one who sang along to Grins, and Charli pointed at me somewhere in the middle of the song as if she’s saying that “ahh, at least you know this song!” hahaha. That night really made me happy, haven’t partied this hard at a gig in a really long time (yes, concerts are my form of parties). Prior to that, I went for her Meet and Greet and it was the shittiest meet and greet I’ve ever attended. I’m gonna leave the crappy bits out. BUT, I’m just gonna mention the part where after I hugged Charli and she told me that she loves my shirt (I was wearing a blink-182 t-shirt on that day). I never thought she’d notice my t-shirt anyway but that was cool. And I also got a huge signed posted of Charli and a small (not so fantastic quality) tote bag.

charli xcx live in singapore 2015
charli xcx live in singapore 2015
charli xcx live in singapore 2015
charli xcx live in singapore 2015
charli xcx live in singapore 2015
I’m so glad that the photos which were taken using my Sony Xperia Z1 turned out super neat!


This was that one Saturday where Nura, Dania and I hung out at Kallang Wave Mall.

This was that one time where I met Blossom for dinner to have some amazing savoury pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes. My third time there and I still ordered the same damn food (that is the Buckleberry Pancakes) because it’s like officially my favourite. (Sorry, no photos of the pancakes.)

mother's day
This is my mum and I during Mother’s Day where we went out for dinner with my dad, brother and sister-in-law as well.

hey geronimo! @ music matters live 2015
Hey Geronimo! on Day 1 of MML. Also caught them for the second round on Day 3!

The best part of Music Matters Live is that I get to discover great bands that I’ve never heard of before. The last time I went for MML was two years ago and that was to catch Faber Drive. This year, I haven’t heard of any of the international bands on the lineup so Josh and I did our ‘homework’ and gave most of them a listen. By the end of the music festival, I’m now a fan of Hey Geronimo!, Teen Sensations, Manceau (had a hard time trying to figure out how to pronounce their band name at first) and Gush. It was fun.

manceau @ music matters live 2015
Caught Manceau on Day 1 but this was taken on Day 3.

teen sensations @ music matters live 2015
Teen Sensations on Day 3.

gush @ music matters live 2015
Gush on Day 3.

teen sensations vinyl
Managed to get hold of a copy of Teen Sensations’ 7″ vinyl which they were giving away! Super neat.

lomography singapore
This was that one time where I paid Lomomgraphy Singapore a visit to get some films and I saw this corner of their store which I found super cute.

Deck Singapore
The Local People Market at Deck! The location was cool, I’m impressed at how TLP always manage to find such neat places for their art markets.

Deck Singapore
There was even an art exhibition held there that displayed the works of students from various international schools and art schools.

Deck Singapore
Deck Singapore
from where i stand

– End of visual vomit –

I can’t believe that it’s June already. Second half of 2k15, I… Am ready for you. I hope all of you will have a remarkable second half of 2k15 as well! :)



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