Live In Dreams

Music is incredible. It’s incredible how it has the ability to make you feel a wave of emotion sweep right through you. I’ve so many bands or artists that I adore, but currently, the song Live In Dreams by Wild Nothing makes me feel that it could be me if I were a song. The way the intro would gradually go from soft to loud… The way it makes me feel like just laying by the shore and let the waves wash over me as I watch the clouds go by. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me wanna dance… And so much more. This isn’t the only Wild Nothing song that I love. I could probably go on and on about their entire dreamy discography (therefore making them a dream pop band).

I’m a sucker for analysing song lyrics, sometimes I spend more time than I should just analysing the possibility of what the song may mean and also what it could mean to me. That’s the fun of lyrics. It could mean different kinds of things to different individuals. One of the more prominent line in the song, “I’d rather live in dreams and I’d rather die.” makes me think about how someone could be dead happy inside. Nothing could ruin the moment if they don’t let it to. Like I mentioned above about the things this song makes me feel like doing, I could just do those things forever and still be contented.

It’s a pity that when they came to Singapore for Camp Symmetry back in 2013, I didn’t completely immerse myself into their live music. :( I was in the middle of buying food and could only watch them as I munch on my food. Good but not good enough. This is one band that I’d want to catch live again.



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