Outfit Documentation #27 + Cocoa Colony

What I wore to catch a movie and hangz in town with Blossom last week. Photos were taken somewhere in the corners of town haha.
Dinah Amira | Dreams and Oceans

Outfit Documentation #27:

Top: F21
Skirt: Cotton On
Long Vest: Cotton On
Gladiator Sandals: Steve Madden (Plato)
Bag: From Yangon, Myanmar via my cousin

Lookbook | Chictopia

Instax Mini Films | Dreams and Oceans
Blossom received a pair of movie gift vouchers and was kind enough to ask me along. We settled for the latest Spongebob movie and hey it was a great decision and we totes didn’t regret. The movie was actually funny (coming from a 21-year-old’s point of view that is). We watched at Lido and town has now officially become the place where I shop/window-shop/catch a movie/run errands aka shop for shit I need in town/eat because I can’t possibly starve while doing those things. Okay so basically I still have reasons to go there? But not as often as I used to. I don’t go there to hang out or chill with my mates anymore though.

I wanted to go have a nice yummy beverage but all the cafes in town are so commercialised and boring :( We were making our way to Starbucks till I remembered this gem of a cafe that I read somewhere on the interwebz!
Cocoa Colony | Dreams and Oceans
Cocoa Colony! Yes, a cafe specially for cocoa beverages. Any chocolate lover’s heaven. Blossom had the iced hazelnut cocoa while I had the hot version haha. Not only do they have chocolate beverages, they even have gelato and light meals (gourmet sandwiches). There’s even cocoa drinks with coffee or alcohol infused in them. Great for those who like to experiment. But I’d probably just come here to drink their cocoa beverages though.
Cocoa Colony | Dreams and Oceans
What does it taste like? It felt as if I was drinking kinder bueno!! It was sOo good. I think it was the hazelnut that made it taste so… Exquisite. It was definitely worth the money!

Cocoa Colony is currently only available @ Shaw Centre.



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