Friday Favourites #3

I know that my past two Friday Favourites were items which I’ve been lusting over but I decided to do a slightly different FF post today. So a couple of weeks back, I revived and revisited my Flickr account. Asides from my own personal photos, I was browsing through my ‘Favourites Photos’ and oh boy… Most of the photos that I faved aren’t exactly visually pleasing to me now than back when I was 15-16. It’s kinda weird actually looking through the photos and some of which I can’t recall clicking the fave button. But, there were some which I still actually like. So below are a couple of photos that I chose to be my Friday Favourites (Flickr Faves Edition) for today.

Click on the respective photos for the credits. :)

sábana de he-man
eight 1950's shirts
The Postal Service
we are the sick youth



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