Friday Favourites #2

Lomo'Instant Camera | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Lomo’Instant via Lomography

It’s currently on my Film Camera Lust List. Not only is it an Instant camera, it has the Lomography essence as well! As if instant photography cannot get any more exciting than this (after the good ‘ol classic Polaroid of course). It’d be cool to play around and experiment with this baby.

Lush Products | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Lush Space Girl, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Lush Ocean Salt

One word: Lush. Almost every girl on this planet should or would love this yummy brand for the bathroom. Just passing by the store makes me want to enter and sniff the products hah. The downside is that Singapore’s Lush is pretty pricey though :/

Steve Madden | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Steve Madden’s Plato Gladiator Sandals

Still on the hunt for them gladiator sandals. Ideally i want them similar to Steve Madden’s but if i found an alternate pair somewhere somehow, i’d totes get it too. I guess because the gladiator sandal trend has gone into thin air so that’s why it’s hard to find a good and decent pair around. I don’t care if it’s in trend or not though! They’re just really on my ‘Shoes to Own’ list. Hmm, gives me an idea to make a Polyvore set…

Komono's Burger Time Watch | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Komono’s Burger Time Watch

Basically i need a watch because my current one has died. Well, the battery. I feel so bare without a watch on my left wrist. This Komono watch in particular is really cute and represents my luv 4 food. But Komono in general has a lot of other really neat designs!

Ray-Ban Glasses | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Optics

Hate being myopic. Hate wearing glasses. Hate it but i have no choice (besides contacts or lasik but let’s not get there right now). I currently own a pair of Ray-Ban glasses but i really need to change them soon like for the sake of my eyeballs. This would be the ideal pair which i would like to change to.

Miu Miu Precription Glasses | Friday Favourites | dreams and oceans
Miu Miu Cat Eye Prescription Glasses

Glasses Lust List. I love cat eye glasses or shades, so stylish and chic. Did i just use those two words? Maybe when i’m older and am really ~independently financially stable~, i’ll probably splurge on this pretty pair.



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