November Haul

Shopping and Vintage | November Haul | dreamsandoceans

Okay so i’ve decided to start a new monthly section/category for this space called… Monthly Haul! In other words, all the shit i’ve bought or received as a gift. Also, it’ll be a great way for me to keep track of my shopping for the month. ^__^ Usually this kinda shit’s better done (uh i guess) when it’s being filmed and posted on Youtube but… I’m not really a vlogger kinda person. So i’m gonna scratch that idea.

This month’s ~haul~ consists of vintage finds, a Jack Wills dress and earrings!

Jack WIlls Singapore | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
Jack Wills Carrie Dress, SGD109
A couple of weeks back, i went to a Jack Wills media event for work and in the goodie bag was a gift voucher. SO i got it at a really good deal ;)  This was one of the items which caught my eye so i bought it. It’s in a pretty shade of purple, has a zipper at the back and most importantly… There are pockets! A total plus point for me. And it’s really comfortable and great for Singapore’s current wet (or cray cray and sporadic) weather. It can be worn dressed up or dressed down which is great (and also cause i don’t think i own any long sleeve dresses…)

All the vintage items below were from this vintage store that was having a mega end-of-year sale so that explains the totally worth it prices! Wish i bought more though hahaha. I actually told myself a year back that i would put buying anything close to floral on hold cause i’ve a shitload of them. But i’ve decided to not put it on hold anymore as of last month. The prints were so pretty and they were practically calling my name!
Vintage | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
Vtg Blue Floral Crop Top, $6
I love how it’s not your usual crop top with the added elastic waist. I can’t wait to explore what i can pair it with besides the usual high-waisted shorts or jeans.

Vintage | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
Vtg Yellow Floral Midi Skirt, $8
I need more midi skirts in my wardrobe and dare i say that this is the second pair of midi skirt that i currently own?! The color (yellow) is something i don’t usually would go for but the prints on this skirt reminds me of daffodils and sunflowers.

Vintage | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
Vtg Hawaiian-esque Floral Shirt, $6
This is a very random, spur-of-the-moment purchase and it actually reminded me of my dad cause he owns this kinda shirts but with different prints and i sometimes borrow his tops to wear hahaha. And also cause i got attracted to the pink floral prints… Hmm, i might consider diy-ing the top by cutting the sleeves or something.

Vintage | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
Vtg Light Denim Dungarees, $10
I’ll forever have a place for dungarees/overalls in my heart no matter how old i’ll be. This is by far the best purchase for that night and i’m so glad i managed to grab it before anyone else did. It’s not the usual dungarees that i’ve already owned. Plus, how can i not love the stripes?

Topshop and F21 Earrings | November Haul | dreamsandoceans
(L-R): F21 Earrings – Gift from Nura from her Korea Trip, Topshop Earrings, $9
Ahh, nothing like adding more earrings to my ever growing collection! Especially if they’re dangly or statement earrings. I like necklaces and bracelets too (i swear i do) but earrings will always be my top obsession in terms of accessories.

Totally stoked to style these pretty pieces and incorporate them into my outfits!



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