September Visuals

Okay hi. I just realized that there are still people who read this blog? Cool. Been pretty busy with internship, attempting to get enough sleep, hanging with my fav people and sparing some time for myself that even though i spend most of the time on my laptop at work, i’ve barely enough time to update this space. Today’s post is gonna be a bunch of visuals from September! And i just noticed that i went to quite a handful of cafes last month… I guess that’s where most of my money went to! And how have i just discovered the create gallery function on wordpress?! Geez. It makes my photos lined up all neatly and now i think i’m obsessed hah.

This was like… The first week of my internship/September and i had dinner with Nura and Dania and La Marelle. The food there is Halal and tastes good! Recommend: the aglio olio pasta! Even though i had the stuffed croissant which tasted good too.

Hung out with Titi on one of the Saturdays and one of the places we went to was Stateland Coffee. Basically i suggested that cafe cause of the Chai Tea Latte haha no surprises there considering that she’s my fellow CTL buddy. The Red Velvet Waffle tasted okay… Personally i won’t come back here to catch up with people due to the space and also it can get pretty noisy in the afternoon.

Went to da east side with Yana to Comestivel Desserts and Coast and Company (more specifically @ the Siglap ‘hood). Been dying to head to Comestivel to try their desserts there again (and this time dine in) but couldn’t find the time (and buddy) to go there to due to how inconvenient the location is (city area/Jalan Besar girl right here…) We had the Salted Caramel ~Pavlova~ and the Nutella Rocher Tart. I feel that the pavlova is good enough for 2 people and Yana and i were like stuffed after eating the two desserts. We then walked all the way to Coast and Company for there iced choc drink and hung there for a bit. Last photo is of Nura and i during one of our lunch hour hangz cause she’s my CBD buddy since our workplaces are pretty near each other ^__^




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