Whale & Cloud / Shop Wonderland / Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Two Saturday’s back, i met Ira and Mira for brunch and a hanging out sesh. We went to Whale & Cloud which is this ~mysterious~ cafe and Shop Wonderland cause Ira wanted to.

Whale & Cloud is sorta like a hidden gem; it doesn’t states when they open and their opening hours and their address is weird and isn’t exact. It states that it’s at Niven Road but it’s actually not. It’s at the back alley of an unknown lane but it’s very very near Rex Theaters. So don’t be fooled by the Niven Road! Ira drove us there so it was pretty easy for us transportation wise. No idea how to get there via public transport though. We took the longer route to walk there from the car park cause of the damn Niven Road. But i guess that’s what makes it the fun part of finding this cafe.

It’s at the back of an alley of some sort and once you spot the blue door… bingo. You’re there.

waiting outside Whale & Cloud due to their space constraint.
very limited bakes and drink choices

On that day, they only had white and black coffee and i don’t like coffee so i drank none but Ira got coffee though i forgot what coffee. And we also got carrot cake which tasted mediocre to me… Price wise, the total was 12$ for both so it’s pretty pricey.

It’s pretty cozy, as if we were in someone’s living room. Pretty cool. I wish they had more choices of drinks and bakes though. I think on that day they only had 3 choices of cakes.


All i know is that this place opens on most Saturdays but not the whole day though. You can keep up with their social media sites if you guys are interested to find out more about this hidden gem. :)

Then we made our way to Haji Lane for Shop Wonderland. A pretty cute and quirky place.

Shop Wonderland @ Haji Lane
tea, slice of rose something cake and mushroom quiche


Met up with Blossom yesterday for a movie cause i haven’t caught a movie in theaters since like… Late April?

Yesterday’s date with my Cherry Blossom

Went to eat at Tolido’s Espresso Nook cause i happened to stumble upon their website a couple of nights back and their menu stated the magic words: chai tea latte.

They had two kinds: spiced chai latte and sea salt spiced latte. I just had to try the latter. And it didn’t disappoint. :’) Their cake tasted amazing too ugh if only i could remember what it was. Blossom had spiced chai latte and their pasta. I’m such a good chai tea latte influence haha.

Sea salt spiced chai latte and i forgot what cake it was but it was so good

Outside Cathay before our movie started

Caught The Swimmers which is this Thai horror movie.

After walking around the Night Festival area
Outfit Documentation #20
Outfit Documentation #20
New Look Dress, Bag From Bali, Bathing Shoes from F-Troupe
New Look Dress, Bag From Bali, Bathing Shoes from F-Troupe




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