graduation ceremony + pancakes

It was 9 in the morning and it was the interval after the briefing and before the ceremony so i like decided to take a mirror selfie in the loo. Which inspired other girls to do the same too lulz.
Graduands of Advanced Diploma in Mass Comm 2k13 from the Feb intake.
My classmates from Advanced Diploma who attended the graduation ceremony 2 Saturdays ago. Yes, only 7 of us bothered to show up… Haha.
My ‘clique’ for this year.
(Please ignore my cute sandals. I obviously changed to my formal footwear when i went up on stage hehe.)
Our graduation ceremony was held @ Ballroom, Swissotel/Raffles City Convention. How classy.
This lady is Ms Mariani, my techniques of professional speaking & writing lecturer from my diploma days last year.
This man right here is the first ever lecturer that i met when i entered MDIS. Mr Fuadi taught me 3 modules in total, 2 for diploma last year and 1 for advanced diploma this year. And now he’s the head of School of Media and Communications! Yay. He always told my class something which i could still remember today, “Be bold but not rude.” or something like that………. Anyway he’s one of my fav lecturers from MDIS.
Okay this post is making me miss school… :(
The mascot.
(please don’t laugh at this photo) Cert + Transcript!

Maybe some of you who aren’t familiar with private schools or MDIS would wonder what the hell is advanced diploma and why i’m not using the graduation robe thingy.

Firstly, Advanced Diploma is considered first year degree, so technically i have to progress on to Degree after this. The uni is Oklahoma City University, and the campus i’ll be studying at is MDIS then i fly to OCU for 3 weeks for the hands on experience with the mass comm shit over there. SO i will graduate with a degree from OCU. That is if i progress on with OCU. But i chose to opt out for the intake which is this month. Personally i thought it was too early and also i’m not the ‘get it over and done with’ kinda person. I don’t mind gaining experience and exposure and building my portfolio even more for the time being. But i sure as hell want to go to Uni! Just not right now.

And i’m not wearing the robe thingy cause it’s only for the Degree graduands thus i had to wear formal.

So there you have it. Yours truly is finally done with her Advanced Diploma in Mass Comm @ MDIS. (I have a post about my days in MDIS which would be posted soon. Like whenever i want to. It would be wordy, visuals heavy and hopefully not so emotional.)

After the grad ceremony, i changed at Raffles City mall and met Titi @ City Square Mall to have some sumptuous pancakes @ Paddington House.
Titi had crepes! With chicken and something else i forgot but it was goood.
I had pancakes (made by Paddington bear HAhaHAha) with scrambled eggs and the turkey ham which is the rolled up piece and there were mushrooms inside. SOooo yummy and really filling. Totally worth it.
The menu was filled with so many different kinds of pancakes that we were spoiled for choices and took quite awhile to figure out what to order… Price wise, totally worth the money.
Oufit Documentation #21. Finally got to wear my pretty yellow dress out! Can’t wait to wear it out again soon.



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