Nothing like starting a post with a selca of myself. This was taken yesterday during Hari Raya Haji.

So it’s only my second week of internship but i don’t know why it feels as if it’s been a month already? Even with internship every weekday, i still do attend my electone lesson every Tuesday night after work. Thinking about it makes me feel insanely tired (then again, i am tired as i am typing all of this). My electone lessons are pretty much my commitment till December which i will then take the final practical exam and it would mark the end of my student grades. I would go on to teacher’s grades but it’s extremely time consuming and as much as i want to continue, i think i’d stop next year. I’d still want to continue and end my music theory papers though! Since i’m halfway there. That i don’t mind but i’d probably do it some time next year. :) I haven’t resigned from my part-time job at the store though. (and no, i’m not a workaholic lulz pls.) I will help out at the store from time to time, perhaps 0-1 time per week, depending on my schedule for the weekends. I’m not that desperately in need of money, it’s just that i told myself that i would only resign from the store ONLY when i’ve found a real and proper full-time job. I’d love to get a degree next year since i’m still having the ~student mood~ but i wanna save up my own money :) one way or another.

Amidst my busy schedule, i still wanna spend time with people i wanna spend time with. Like family. And i really do hope to catch up with some friends soon! Since i’m usually only free during weekends. And i still need some chill time for myself at home as well. But if i really wanna hang with my close friends then i would so totally make time for them no matter how busy i am. Even if it’s a simple dinner, it’s still something.

Music wise, i’ll be attending Camp Symmetry next month! I am super dee duper psyched about it. Haven’t been attending a gig since… End of August. But this 2 months concert hiatus is good. Speaking of which, i still owe a ARTTM + SUL13 post! Will post a visuals post tomorrow, i promise. Loadss of pictures! Asides from Camp Symmetry, I’ll also be attending Mac DeMarco in December. That’s all for 2013 for now. I’m not sure if i’d actually attend Man Overboard though i’d like to but i’ll see how. Already set for Laneway 2014 and PHOENIX(!!!!!). Cat 1 seats ;) but it’s not front row though so i’ll just rush to the front. I really strongly dislike seated-venues for indie rock concerts but ah well. So i’ve spent quite a bit this month on them tix so October has burnt a hole in my pocket… Urgh.

Laneway 2014's dirty dozen bundle deal!
Laneway 2014’s dirty dozen bundle deal!

I was the representative to help purchase the tix(everyone paid me first of course). Cass was the rep to get the Camp Symmetry tix so all i have to do now is to print the e-tickets for me and Josh (i hate e-tickets. so not cool.) and for Mac DeMarco, Josh’s friend helped to buy cause of the bundle deal of 4 so tix are with her. And my Phoenix ticket is with Josh cause he helped me get them first. Haha my tix are all over the place.

Okay i think i’ve talked enough for today.

PS: Check out my music article about Camp Symmetry on Monday Flying! :) I write other articles like beauty reviews too (YSL, Dr Hauschka, Kiehls are done by me.) Soo check out that website cause it’s pretty neat.



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