Last Friday, i hung out with some people from work; Joe and Charmaine. Joe is a fellow part-timer at the shoe store but Charmaine was a former Visual Merchandiser for the company. But all 3 of us hit it off well and are still contacting today even with Charmaine not working in the company anymore. I successfully managed to persuade them to watch Insidious 2 with me! Hehe. Haven’t watched a movie in the theaters in the longest time (like the last time i did was Hangover 3- so you can gauge how long ago that was). I watched the first Insidious when i was in Sec 5 and so i could understand the plot for the continuation. I was impressed with the storyline because it wasn’t crappy, unlike those typical American horror movies with the exorcism and possession and shit. Though, it wasn’t as scary as part one, but i would still give it a 4.5/5 stars.

Kith Cafe
Kith Cafe

Truffle fries
Truffle fries

I forgot what this is but it's chicken with something else
I forgot what this is but it’s chicken with something else

Our initial plan was to eat at Makisan but unfortunately it was packed :( so we headed to Kith Cafe which was nearby Cathay. Been wanting to check this place out and okay i finally did. That’s another eatery that i can tick off my list. The food was really pricey but thankfully it was pretty good so okay not bad then. Sat outside cause there was no space inside hence the good lighting in the above photos haha.
Charmaine brought her Instax mini on that day. I’m glad that i get to meet up with them and not only at the store. I think this is like the first time i hang with colleagues. Which is really cool.



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