what i’ve been up to

Been hanging a lot with my family lately during the weekends which is super cool. Didn’t manage to document the moments though but they’re always be in my heart. Ever since my graduation project presentation which pretty much marks the end of my Advanced Diploma days, i’ve been working part time at a shoe store during the weekdays and some weekends as well. Been working at the shoe store for quite sometime now but working more days now that i’ve my weekdays free from school. Earning some extra cash for myself so my bank statement doesn’t look so depressing. I don’t really go out much with my friends though except recently when poly started their holidays(cause most of my friends and cousins are from polys) so i could hang out a bit with a few of them. I also recently went for an interview to intern for Public Garden and got it. I don’t really wanna depend on my school for internships… So glad that i got this internship cause if you know me or have been following my blog/twitter/instagram, i’m a huge fan of Public Garden events. And scoring this internship is a pretty darn great deal. I have been meaning to apply for magazines but since i already got this internship, i’ll give it a shot first. I will be starting next week which means that my weekdays would be packed during office hours. I might consider working at the store during Saturdays or Sundays if i have no plans or am not tired… Which is very unlikely. I only plan to resign when i have an official full-time job. I wanna start small and it’s better if i start somewhere than nowhere right? I’m gonna use the next 2-3 months to expand my portfolio even more (in between freelance writing for music websites) and to gain an experience or two. I am excited and all at the same time nervous… Here goes nothing!


Outfit Documentation #19
Outfit Documentation #19

I call this the outfit which i could throw on in less than 5 minutes. Fuss-free. You can’t go wrong with a vest and printed skirt on any day. Plus, i’ve been wearing the Meduse jelly sandals a lot lately. Really convenient cause it’s slip on. And please excuse my sleepy face…


Windowsill pies: S'mores and Camp Symmetry
Windowsill pies: S’mores and Camp Symmetry

Met Cass last Wednesday and went to Windowsill Pies. She wanted to try the Camp Symmetry pie so i tried the S’mores. The s’mores wasn’t exactly… Amazing. The chocolatey taste was too overwhelming for me. And i had such high expectations for it :( I love s’mores but not s’mores pie. Oh and they were playing Tegan and Sara! That was the first thing that i noticed when i entered Windowsill. Great hanging out sesh with Cass and catching up and stuff. She passed me some Japanese sweet goodies from her Japan trip and i passed her A Rocket to the Moon’s autographs.


(working title)
(working title)
Chicken ham & cheese sandwich and Egg roll sandwich
Chicken ham & cheese sandwich and Egg salad sandwich

FINALLY met Yana yesterday! It has been a year since we last met. She’s the second person from primary school whom i’m still in contact with (in contact meaning we still whatsapp each other and update about each others lives.). The thing about hanging out with her is that we can talk and laugh non-stop about pretty much anything. That’s what out friendship’s about. Yes, we’re both busy and have conflicting schedules and meet once a year but it’s not awkward meet ups at all. Which is super cool. Hope to hang with her again sometime soon. Anyway, we went to have dinner at (working title) and it’s my second time there but i actually ate something this time. The sandwich was filling and tasted alright. Tasted pretty mediocre though, but still good enough. Gonna try the pizza and mushroom soup next time i go there! Looks promising. But then again, i don’t wanna get my hopes up too high like the S’mores pie so i’ll wait and see when i’ll actually eat it.



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