(i want to live and i want to love)

Outfit Documentation #18
Outfit Documentation #18
The Smiths tank - online, tights - some store in KL, (French) Jelly Shoes in Navy - via The General Store/Plus Minus, Bandana - Daiso
The Smiths tank – online, tights – some store in KL, (French) Jelly Shoes in Navy – via The General Store/Plus Minus, Bandana – Daiso
My Fauxlaroid Project
My Fauxlaroid Project

Went to a Public Garden event @ Tripleone Somerset last Saturday. It was the F1 Edition which was pretty cool. (no cars or F1 drivers were involved FYI haha)
I love attending Public Garden events cause their flea markets aren’t your average, typical flea markets in Singapore. The decor for the 3-day flea market was so cute with printed paper clouds hanging on the ceiling and pretty masked tapes pasted on the floor. Tripleone Somerset is the kinda building which i wouldn’t even look at cause to me it’s that office building(i think it’s an office? haha) that i would pass by when i walk to Scape from Somerset MRT. But the flea market was held at the 16th floor where the whole unit was filled with the positive and quirky Public Garden vibe.
The General Store also had a booth during the weekend!

My beautiful babes <3
My beautiful babes <3

Here’s a lil tid bit: Titi is my cousin from my maternal side and Ira is my cousin from my paternal side. :)

The photo which was featured on their IG page. Fauzi photo-bombing haha
Fauzi photo-bombing at the back haha

Had late lunch/extremely early dinner @ Far East Plaza! Haven’t ate there in ages and when i do, i will always order my usual which is the seafood hotplate noodle yumz. Did some window-shopping at the malls in town and i forgot how crowded town can be on a Saturday. I hate crowds except if it’s a crowd at a concert then that is a whole different thing altogether. I don’t exactly fancy town right now… Except if it’s for shopping or movies then ok sure. And we happened to be in the area anyway so ah well. Good to see that town still looks the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

Bored of town and since we had no other shit to do there, i suggested we hit this cafe that’s near my house; Symmetry! It’s at 9 Jalan Kubor. Next to ABC Backpackers and opposite Stamford Primary School :) In front is a bus stop called ‘Opp Stamford Primary School’. Just in case if y’all are interested to know. And i could be specific with the directions cause i pretty much pass by it a whole lot. And it is so totally not weird to have a cafe opposite a legit graveyard…
The place gives off a Bar/Restaurant/Cafe vibe all in one. It’s also dimly lit which is suitable for dates and also catch up sessions with friends.

We had waffles!
We had waffles!

The waffles was really good. There were berries and a scoop of ice cream. Also nutella and peanut butter as well.
Price-wise, SGD16 is pricey for just waffles.. Perhaps some of the reasons why the prices are expensive is cause it’s situated in the central(Bugis) area. That’s just my theory though. I actually wanted to try one of the cakes then the friendly staff managed to convinced us to try the waffles dammit hahahaha but ah well thank God it tasted good.

(working title)
(working title)

Titi felt like having some coffee and we decided to walk to (working title) @ Arab Street. We actually passed by this cafe the last time we ate Tutti Frutti and i took a mental note of the cafe. The cafe is also part-backpackers hostel! How neat is that? The menu looks promising. Wanted to order something but i was still full from lunch and the waffles dammit. Will come to this place to try the food next time. :) And this time it’s solid food and not just desserts.

PS The Smiths fans would be familiar to my title above :)


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