i like pies

Outfit Documentation #17
denim jacket: vintage, stripes top: H&M, basic skirt: cotton on, knee high socks: new look, shoes: juju jellies, tote bag, stephie’s shop, bowler hat: H&M

What i wore two days ago.

Met up Titi to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings for pies and also to do a wee bit of exploring in 2 parts of Singapore; Lavender and also Tiong Bahru.

First stop was Windowsill in the Woods which is located at Horne Road. Got to know about this place thanks to Camp Symmetry! Windowsill has a special limited edition pie that’s called ‘Camp Symmetry’ pie of course. Ever since then (like when i got my camp symmetry ticket), i’ve been wanting to try the pie.

Camp Symmetry pie
Camp Symmetry pie

It tasted… interesting. I forgot what was inside but there were white chocolate pudding and raisins at the bottom. And the cute mushroom which is not an actual mushroom but made from truffles and other sugary goods. It has a unique taste, not the typical pie you’d have tried before. So if you’ve gotten your Camp Symmetry ticket or are planning to, make sure to try the pie which would be available at the music festival itself! If not then head down to Windowsill. They’re limited edition so don’t miss out.

The next time i go to Windowsill, i would definitely try out the other pies. I’m definitely attracted to the S’mores pie. Yummm.

Banana Almond Brittle
Banana Almond Brittle

Titi aka Khoiriyah tried the Banana Almond Brittle Pie which is made of banana mousse, salty caramel and crunchy nuts. It tasted really good too. Specially for banana lovers out there.


My happy eating pie face
My happy eating pie face



Not only were the pies good, the staff there were friendly as well. :) And they played Phoenix’s songs! +10 points.

happy troopers

Next stop was Tiong Bahru. It was an impromptu decision but it was a good one. Took the train to Tiong Bahru which honestly felt nostalgic cause i spent most of my secondary school days at that area.
Books Actually
Books Actually

Went to Yong Siak Street area and there were a handful of cafes over there. Paid Books Actually a visit! The first thing i noticed when i entered there was that they were playing Bombay Bicycle Club’s songs. :)
Amongst all the other cafes that we passed by, we decided to stop by Flock Cafe.
Mushroom Quiche
Mushroom Quiche

The quiche tasted really good! The amount of pudding was just nice and not too much. (We decided to share the quiche cause i was afraid that i couldn’t finish mine L O L okay in my defense it’s cause my tummy grew smaller).
We chilled there for a bit and also before they closed cause we reached like an hour before their closing time.

We then decided to have dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza at Eighteens Chef. The last time i dined there was way back in 2011 which was also my O-Levels period. (no photos)


Last stop was Tutti Frutti at Arab Street! I’ve been wanting to try the froyo here. Fruity pebbles are like pretty much D only toppings i opt for.

Had such a fab day with Titi. Love days like this.



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