black on black on black

public garden @ chijmes earlier on

I only bought this cute disposable camera though. Nothing apparel cause i guess nothing much caught my eye. It was really packed though perhaps cause it’s a Friday night and it’s at Chijmes.

outfit documentation #16: wearing the red jumpsuit apparatus shirt which i bought yesterday during the concert!

Wearing almost 100% black from top to toe.

I was kinda in a foul mood today and Blossom had this bad habit of walking out of a store and into another one without leaving with me which kinda annoyed me but i’m glad that Bloss didn’t like be annoyed at me back (??) or something. We also went to the newly upgraded Suntec City Mall which sure as hell doesn’t look like Suntec anymore. And i LOVE the H&M there. There’s no one pushing and shoving and the fitting room queues aren’t INSANE like the ones in town. Surprisingly for a Friday night it wasn’t all that packed. Yay. Can’t wait for future hangz with Bloss.

Okay i have loads of things to blog about which are already set in my mind like i’m gonna blog about Eid, the two concerts i went for this week; A Rocket To The Moon and Shut Up & Listen featuring Anberlin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Tonight Alive. And i also have about 2 articles for Jermz since i covered for them for those two concerts yay. I can’t wait to post shitload of photos! And i also met some bands ;) Plus my cousin’s engagement is tomorrow so wow okay a pretty busy weekend there. Keep checking my wordpress for the next couple of days if you’re like interested and shit. ^____^

I used to have an but then i thought it’s damn lame so if you guys have anything to say to me you can seriously just leave a comment on ANY post cause i have to approve them first before the public sees it haha.

P.S. Check out my review of Frida’s EP which got published on Other Sounds :)



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