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2 Fridays ago, i got the opportunity to cover one of the most beautiful and minimalistic bands that i adore. The xx.

The whole hour was phenomenal. The Star Theater’s sound system was top notch and amazing. They played like over 21 songs from both their albums. I got a lil emotional when they played ‘Sunset’… Actually i got emotional when they played all their songs.
The laser lights were superb and this photo does absolutely no justice to how brightly lit it is. Though it was quite blinding and it was quite distracting for me. Nonetheless it complemented well with The xx’s set. The whole time when i was enjoying one of my favourite bands playing right before my eyes, i was thinking about how their songs remind me a lot about.. Well, love. Heartbreak, love, crushes, okay love in general. How i could relate so well with their songs.. The xx is the epitome of simplicity and minimalistic in my dictionary. I’m still amazed at how they managed to have a sold-out show AND an additional show here in Singapore. Surprised cause i didn’t know there were a shitload of The xx fans in SG. But happy that they’re getting successful in Asia, particularly in Singapore. Gives me a lil bit of hope in Singapore’s taste in music haha. I wasn’t exactly like right in front of the stage but front enough to see them clearly. When i go to concerts, i love to close my eyes for a bit when the band plays and just pretend as it i was floating away and everything felt so perfect. Almost perfect.

Post-concert photo with Cass and Fiona :)

I wrote a live review for Music Weekly Asia and you can check out my article here. :) It’s my first article with them and hopefully there’ll be more to come in future. :)

Here are some songs which i managed to record.



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