Vintage Dr Martens

So my dad was clearing and tidying up the shoe cabinet outside my house and he showed me these babies which i didn’t know my sibz have!

My brother's Dr Marts kicks from when he was in upper primary school.
My older brother’s Dr Marts kicks from when he was in primary school.


This pair of kicks is definitely older than me. My sister used it more than my brother cause she was pretty tomboy-ish when she was younger. She even used it to camps ohmygod that’s just how rugged it is. I don’t think they sell this kinda style anymore, i’m not sure about that, that’s just how old-school it is. Plus, it’s way back when Dr Martens shoes were still made in England. The current ones now are made in China. But almost everything else is made in China anyway. The size is UK5 and i’m a UK6, so i thought i couldn’t fit in them… Then i just tried them on and surprisingly i could! Managed to squeeze my feet in them and tried walking around and it didn’t feel that bad. But i can’t use think socks though or else my feel would suffer.

My sister's pair of Doc Marts
My sister’s pair of Doc Marts


The chelsea boots, When i tried them on, it could fit but it was a wee bit tight. My toes still could fit in them though, but if i were to wear them out, it’d have to be short distance places or i don’t have to walk around a lot haha. (I’m a UK6 / Euro39. Pretty big feet for ladies size.

These babies just need the TLC that they need like polishing and shit like that and it’ll probably last till Izra (my sister’s child) reaches his youth and he could wear it too.




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