♡ Family is g o l d ♡

As i grow older… I think i’m beginning to appreciate family time even more. I enjoy hanging out with my family, especially those impromptu kinds. Even if it’s only to have dinner outside. Last Sunday, my family and i went to River Safari despite us fasting. My sister got us passes and her workplace told her that she has to use the passes on that Sunday or else she’ll be banned from getting anymore passes haha. So the impromptu outing happened. I’ve never been to River Safari before and i didn’t know it was at the zoo till i googled it! Haha.

Only my brother didn’t join us. And my brother-in-law went too but he’s not in the picture.

River Safari was interesting… All the animals there were animals from river safari-ish life. Like the Savanna, umm you know those kinda countries. There were loads of sea animals, loads of fishes, sea turtle, crocodiles, birds… And pandas of course.
River Safari was so bloody crowded… But it was a Sunday so like nothing out of the ordinary.


Little Izra checking out them fishys…
We didn’t take the boat ride cause it’s still not ready and open to public yet :( pretty bummed about that.

This little trooper is now 7 months old. ♡
Love my parents ♡

PANDAS. Kai Kai and Jia Jia. They were big, fat and cute.

This is Kai Kai. She sure as hell doesn’t give a damn about the world
The chill life of a panda…
New reality tv show: Keeping Up With The Pandas

Apparently Jia Jia is the more shy and reserved kind and prefers her own privacy… Pandas have their own feelings too. Hence she rarely comes out and visitors can only view via a CCTV. It’s like you’re being watched 24/7…

Izra Kenshin the panda ♡
The 4pm show.

We made it in the nick of time for the 4pm show where they showcase the river safari animals like those kinda birds, porcupine, cobra snake etc.

Outfit documentation #13
vtg jacket / vtg pastel top / dorothy perkins skinnies / juju sandals

I look damn awkward that day i don’t know why…



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