Music Festival Outfit Inspiration


Music Festival Outfit #1
Lusting over: Those Steve Madden boots. What sucks even more is that i work in that shop and have actually tried those boots on before but even after staff discount it’s pricey urgh. Huf socks. Topshop denim pinafore. Like dammit Topshop why are you so overpriced. Finn watch cause it’s cute. Tatty Devine’s Frida Kahlo necklace. One of the most prettiest necklace ever :(
Will probably be getting: Another disposable camera cause i’m a sucker for film cameras. And a Stila lipstick. Hmm.

"I fell in love with your sin."

Music Festival Outfit #2

Or gig outfit. A more ‘hardcore’ gig outfit.
Lusting over: Dimepiece beanie, Hype shirt and Huf socks.


Dirty Denim

Music Festival Outfit #3

*or gig outfit.
Lusting over: Hype cap, May 28th watch, Nars lipstick. I don’t really like the idea of spending a lot on just lipstick considering the fact that i’m not a make-up kinda girl and i honestly only own lipsticks which is my only form of make up. And baby powder if you count that too. But one day… One fine dandy day, i will actually make the effort and ACTUALLY wanna spend my money on other make up shit like mascara or blusher or whatever.
Will probably be getting: Superga sneakers cause i don’t own many sneakers and i probably need another pair of kicks if i don’t get another pair of Macbeths. Lazy Oaf tote bag. Cause it’s so damn cute and i’m in need of another tote.


I’ve had a Polyvore account since i was 14 (just like my account) but only got hooked on it now due to boredom.  You can follow me on Polyvore: dreamyoceans.

On a none fashion related note, check out my articles on this website i’m writing for called Jermz. :) More to come in the next few months.



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