Dolores Haze – Style Inspiration

Dolores Haze
One of my favourite books has got to be Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The book pretty much falls in the disturbing, psychological-related, tragedy sub-genres. In a nutshell, it’s about a middle-aged man who falls in love with his tenant’s 12 year old daughter. The man, Humbert Humbert, is a literary scholar who eventually got married to his tenant in order to get close to Dolores aka Lolita. This may sound like some bizarro, insane and twisted plot- but it is. Which is what makes it even more interesting. Despite the numerous act of ‘incest’ which is involved throughout the book, as a reader, you would feel slight sympathy for Humbert due to the writer’s way with words like his extremely poignant prose and metaphor style.

There are 2 ways in which you can look at it after you’re done with the book:
1. an innocent girl who got robbed of her childhood by a pervert who is sick in the head or
2. a cunning and *horny* little girl who took advantage of this really weak man

Either way, incest is generally wrong. Even if you’re not blood-related but still legally is a parent or relative like Humbert. A shitload of ethical theories involved right there.

I love classic literature so much. I mean i love modern day literature too like some of my favorite writers who are still alive are Haruki Murakami and Chuck Palahniuk. I wish to major in Literature one fine dandy day…

Asides for my love for books, i also love fashion. Lolita’s settings was in the forties and my polyvore set would be a mordern-ish version of what i would wear from being inspired by Dolores. I’ve watched the 1997 movie (there’s a 1962 version of it which is still on my -‘to watch’ list) as well which gives me a clearer overview of the way Lolita dresses. Trademark saddle shoes, cute and dainty rompers and dresses and of course the heart-shaped sunnies. The Juicy Couture perfume is just a bonus cause i like to smell good and that seem like an appropriate perfume for a preteen like Dolores. That’s how i would channel my inner-Dolores Haze.


Even stars of today got inspired by the novel. Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson are some examples. Lana has two songs which are inspired by Lolita: Lolita and Off to the Races, both of which are some of my favorite Lana songs. She even nicknamed herself ‘Lolita lost in the hood’. Marilyn Manson has a song called Heart-Shaped Glasses which he wrote right after reading the book.

The saddle shoes are top on my wishlist because they’re super cute and i’ve been wanting to get them since like last year and i will definitely get them soon. Same goes for the Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel London. Both of which are only available on the internet. All hail online shopping.



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