O, for a draught of vintage!

A week ago, i went to a flea market called Every Little Thing which was organized by Public Garden.


Public Garden is actually a monthly arts flea market with vintage goods, baked goods and independent sellers (blogged the photos of it before: here). Every Little Thing is Public Garden’s project which focuses more on the apparels and accessories. I’m a huge fan of Public Garden and when i found out about ELT from their Instagram page, i was absolutely stoked!

VIntage Ferragamos
Vintage Ferragamos
Vintage apparels
Vintage apparels


ELT also had yummy baked goods!


Went to ELT with my cousin, Titi cause the both of us needed retail therapy and ELT was the perfect place to do so. We went crazy and went 2-3 rounds to make sure that what we wanted was what we wanted. Haha. I bought 3 items and she bought 5. Every cent was totally worth it cause we were satisfied with our pretty buys.




Headed to town to eat at Far East cause i haven’t eaten there since like. Last year i think? Well it was a really long while and i missed the seafood hotplate noodles anyway. Refueled our energies and had retail therapy part ii for the day which was H&M! Bought a basic black bodycon with tiny dots all over, tights and this cute pair of earrings which reminded me of seashells. Met my other cousin, Qoirool and just hung out for a bit after that.

ok mirror selfies 5ever
ok mirror selfies 5ever

Outfit documentation #10: vtg denim jacket, aussie jelly sandals, h&m dress, rubi necklace, daiso bandana
Outfit documentation #10: vtg denim jacket, aussie jelly sandals, h&m dress, rubi necklace, daiso bandana


Got to be one of my fav outfits. Hadn’t used my bandana since i was 15… And it’s my 10th documentation! Like finally. Hopefully i can reach 50 by end of the year!

My buys! Vintage dress, vintage top, modparade's pinafore <3
My buys from ELF! Vintage dress, vintage top, modparade’s pinafore <3

Modparade has been one of my fav independent shops since i was 15 and i was so glad that they were part of ELT. Everything that i bought was under 20$ each. Now that’s what i call great buys. I know vintage goods are expensive especially in Singapore but i find it quite ridiculous how some people can really jack up the price just cause its vintage. But ELT has sellers which sold the vintage stuff at pretty reasonable prices.

Public Garden has got to be my favourite flea market in Singapore. They’re not like those typical flea markets or whatever but they do it for the love of art and vintage. +1000 points for the home baked goods! Kudos to Public Garden and i’ll be sure to continue to give them my support and bring new people with me to their future markets. Perhaps there are other flea markets which are similar to Public Garden out there but i am not aware of it yet. If you do know of any, do share it with me. :)

I haven’t worn my ELT buys out yet but i can’t wait to wear them out  i’ll be sure to share my documentations here in future.



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