It starts out like a season in reverse…

It is May! Which means an overview post of all the ~happz~ from the last 2 weeks of April for me.
A heavy post ahead!

Coheed & Cambria x Circa Survive’s show
Coincidentally i had no classes on that day so i decided to head over to Resorts World Sentosa earlier and joined Natalie in the queue. Also made a few new friends like Shah and Naufal!


Both bands were in the midst of their sound check so i came at the right time.


Circa came out after their soundcheck and Naufal was sweet to bring chicken rice and durian for the band to try some! All of them took a good look at the durians first haha so cute and Brendan said that the durian tasted ‘warm’. Obviously the chicken rice was better though they tasted only a bit.
I was so excited that they came out and hung out for a wee bit!

Hello Stephen!
HELLO STEPHEN! It was also his birthday on that day!

THE former frontman of Saosin and current frontman of Circa Survive. The man with a unique and distinctive voice.

Even took a selfie-ish photo with THE Anthony Green :')
Even took a selfie-ish photo with THE Anthony Green :’)

I think every fan would want to him to sing ‘Seven Years’ which was actually suppose to happen but didn’t due to limited time though… But it’s okay. The whole band were so sweet and totally friendly which was cool.


Only got a photo with Claudio though and not the rest of Coheed. But it’s cool. I luv his fierce hair.

Natalie's little welcome signs for the bands
Natalie’s little welcome signs for the bands

After both bands left for USS and other things that bands do before a show, the wait continues… I totally forgot how humid it was to wait outside Hard Rock Hotel (the last time i was there was for Yellowcard’s show in Septemeber last year). Only survived on water and a couple of cookies and a packet of candy which i bought.

Front view
Front view
Naufal, Natalie, me and Shah!
Naufal, Natalie, me and Shah!


Official photo by Aloysius Lim for LAMC!
Official photo by Aloysius Lim for LAMC!

Said hi to a couple of photographers before the show. Yay for more waiting.
God dammit pure magic comes out of Anthony Green’s voice.
I could literally hear and feel the whole entire crowd of Circa fans singing along to EVERY song which was cool.
Anthony jumped into the front of the crowd like twice!

An interval before Coheed’s set!

~Claudio's mane~
~Claudio’s mane~

I had a morning class the next day but i stayed throughout the show anyway.
Coco (Anthony nicknamed Coheed and Cambria haha) were really awesome live too even though i’m more of a Circa fan rather than Coheed.

It's blur :( but ah well.
It’s blur :( but ah well.

Nick was so cool to stay after the show and pretty much just hung with some of the fans. A post-show meet-and-greet sesh with Nick haha. He ALSO gave out guitar picks which were in his pocket and even though mine was a normal pick, i made it special by asking Nick to autograph it(!!!)
The normal and plain blue pick is normal no more! This is gonna sound kinda lame but i’ve never like gotten setlists or guitar picks or drum sticks being thrown in my face before during concerts i go to despite me being a relatively frequent concert-goer so this pick makes it extra special not only because i don’t have to fight over it but this used picked is autographed by Nick and given personally by him. :’)

Got my flyer signed by some of the members of Coheed and Circa! I just had to scan it haha.
Got my flyer signed by some of the members of Coheed and Circa! I just had to scan it haha.

Nylon Singapore’s 1st Anniversary
RSVP-d to Nylon’s Anniversary Party and asked Ira to be my +1 since i needed someone 18 and above. The party was held at Zouk and i headed over there after school. Was feeling a bit bleh maybe cause it was the after 6 hours of school feeling but it was a Friday night though so it’s cool.

The photobooth at Nylon's party!
The photobooth at Nylon’s party!
The theme was pink so what the heck, the both of us wore something pink haha.

Okay this is considered as an outfit photo right okay just a terrible one though but my #7 Outfit documentation!

I Am David Sparkle!
I Am David Sparkle!

I’ve heard of the band but this was the first time that i caught them live. A neat post rock LOCAL band to start the night.

Basically all we had were orange juice, cotton candy and popcorn the whole night.

The fashion show by DKNY.
The fashion show by DKNY.

We stayed all the way till the games and i missed The Summer State who closed the night. :/ But it’s okay cause Ira had to go already and i don’t really wanna stay at the party by myself and i was pretty tired. It was good to see Ira again cause the last time i met her before Nylon’s party was like during Bloc Party.. So in a way i see her only once a month? Wow.

Khoirul’s Surprise 18th Birthday Dinner
Celebrated Khoirul’s 18th last Tuesday at Chef 1’s Buffet.

~Da birthday boy for he day~
~Da birthday boy for the day~

He only thinks that it was a family dinner but two other families’, mine and Aunt Aida’s were there to ~surprise~ him.

The yummy birthday cake!
The yummy birthday cake!

I know it’s a buffet and all but i didn’t really bother to take pictures of my food except for the homemade cake *__*

Ngaww cute sibz
Ngaww cute sibz shot
My fam <3
My fam <3
The cousin + little Izra (which is considered Khoi's nephew) + Kak Herni wose my brother's fiance.
The cousin + little Izra (who is considered Khoi’s nephew) + Kak Herni whose my brother’s fiance.

Khoirul, or Khaiqal which is his second name aka the name which i have been calling him since like the day i could ever remember, has been one of my closest cousins from my maternal side whom i can totally talk about ALMOST anything to and have our little outings and hangz and H2H(heart to hearts). And i would always make him do covers with me cause yeknow i can’t play the guitar and shit. I’ve practically seen you bloom from an annoying little boy to a charming young man :’)

TItz <3
TItz <3
Featuring the adults

I don’t think i’ve blogged about family before but i love my big family and family truly is gold. Had such a lovely time and got my face stuffed with the all you can eat before.

Outfit Documentation #8

Kinda feeling Zooey Deschanel-ish that day with the dress + brogues.
Kinda feeling Zooey Deschanel-ish that day with the dress + brogues.


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