S is for Sushi and Salad

Met Nura after a relatively stressful Advertising class last Friday.

Had my sushi fix and i instantly fell in love with Makisan’s sushi cause they allow you to pick your own ingredients and toppings! One roll of sushi cost $6.90 but it was worth my money cause the outcome of the combination that i chose was simply perfect and to my liking. :) Makisan also sells salad which cost $8.90 if i’m not wrong and you can pick your own dressings and toppings for it as well. Nura had the salad and if you’re a salad or sushi lover like myself, you must try Makisan. The outlet that Nura and i went to was the one at The Cathay and it’s situated at the corner of the basement level. The salad may be a wee bit pricey but the taste is good. Nothing like a simple and healthy lunch on a Friday.

Yes, this was taken in the movie theater hahah

Caught ‘The Exorcism Part 2’ after that. I feel like the more i watch Exorcism or Possession related movies, the weirder and more illogical they get… With the endings, that is. While Nura was complaining at how stupid and senseless the ending was, i felt immune to such endings cause i’ve watched several thriller/horror movies before… Initially i wanted to watch the movie with Ryan Gosling in it, but i don’t know why, the horror movie junkie in me wanted to watch Exorcism 2 despite me having a gutsy feeling that it’ll be bad. Haha. There goes my $9.50. Even the Thai horror movie trailer being played before the movie started was scarier HAHA.

mandatory mirror in the toilet photo
mandatory toilet mirror shot


OK i don’t wear my The Smiths tank dress often but i love it so much and it’s one of my fav tops. <3

Last week was the start of a new module and i’m so glad that i got to meet up with an IJ mate to end off my exhausting school week. It’s only my third module and i’m already feeling exhausted. :( Advanced Diploma sure is starting to suck the soul outta me.



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