Monday isn’t all that blue with Bloc Party

Part 2 if my ~Magical March~ post!


Awkward pose feat. Bloc Party stage
Awkward pose feat. Bloc Party stage
Josh reppin Grimes at Bloc Party's!
Josh reppin Grimes at Bloc Party’s!
The boys taking the stage!
The boys taking the stage!
Matt Tong (drummer) was shirtless :')
Matt Tong (drummer) was shirtless :’)


Probably the clearest photo i snapped using my iphone4 haha

Bloc Party was i n s a n e

– They had TWO encores
– Almost got into the whirlwind of the massive moshing in front of me
– Got knocked in the head twice with someone’s foot who was crowd surfing
– There was a cute lil almost circle pit
– Bloc Party played TWENTY ONE songs
– First official concert together with Ira! :)
– I had a BALL of a time
– Had tons of fun dancing and raving and jumping and singing along to their songs


The following series of photos below are from Ira’s phone (because i could have sworn that she was attempting to snap and record like almost 3/4 of the concert haha)


The DJ before Bloc Party’s set played a range of super neat songs which made the inevitable waiting time more bearable especially with the band coming out half an hour late. Had chats with great company like Josh and Ira which made it better. Unfortunately i was standing behind a tall person who was like hugging her girlfriend who was in front of him. Well of course their little couple-ness got cut off from all the craziness from the crowd haha but like dammit then an even taller person was in front of me. I could still see the stage, it’s just that his head was pretty annoying. Ah well *concert-goer pains*. Nonetheless I had SO much fun and i wish i could relive that Monday night again. :( I also felt pretty emotional when they started playing ‘This Modern Love’ which is one of my favorite songs by them. I had so much ~feelz~ maybe cause it reminded me about stuff… And finally being able to listen to it live made the song even more special to me.

I also met some of my friends which i haven’t seen in a g e s and had supper for a bit at Macs. The post-Bloc Party small catching up was pretty nice. Even bumped into Fiona :) Gig friends are great company.

This marks the end of my two-part Magical March posts. It felt as if March wasn’t marching away but more like drifting away very slowly. It’s been an amazing month and I’m just really glad that April is here. I have to develop my roll of film from my disposable camera cause it’s the Feb-March series. Just a lil fun personal film project of mine. 1 film camera for every two months. :) Gonna use a different film camera for April-May. I love to experiment with film.

I don’t think i would be attending any concerts this month. Perhaps local gigs here and there when i feel like it… But nothing major. I’d absolutely LOVE to attend Coheed and Cambria + Circa Survive but…. It’s a maybe. Really wanna see Circa Survive :(

Will probably be posting a bunch of photos from March which aren’t concert-related for my next post.

Here’s to April!



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