Grimes’ Gig – Si, Our Wait is U

Part 1 of my ~magical March~ post!


A couple of Saturdays back, i went for a show which i have been waiting for since like the day i bought the tickets, ~GRIMES~ It was also the only Mosaic Music Festival show i attended this year……. I honestly wanted to attend Mutemath, Tennis and Julia Stone but i was a little short on cash. Anyway, i met Fiona outside Esplanade’s Theatre Studio. DAMMIT i should have went there earlier but it just had to rain so it delayed my journey for a bit there. If i went there at 3pm, i could have met and talked to Grimes for a bit before the show cause according to my friend Josh who reached there at 3, if i was 5 minutes earlier, i would have seen her. Ah well.

Fiona did this cute board for Grimes which said ‘Happy Elf Day’ cause it was a week before her birthday and i got her a bunch of local candies and snacks as a little gift.

Fiona + her friend Carmen! We were at the front of the queue hehe.
Fiona + her friend Carmen! We were at the front of the queue hehe.
Front and center ^o^
Front and center ^o^

You know how before a gig or concert, there would always be music being played right? Well the music that they chose to play sure as hell wasn’t anywhere close to an alternative or indie genre we would expect. They played classical music which honestly made me sleepier than i already was at that point of time. What’s more, having to wait almost an hour before Grimes came out. But it was still cool though cause the chats i had with people made me more awake haha.

I hate bringing bags to gigs but dammit me and my damn essentials and girl necessities so I brought my Kanken along which kinda got in MY own way when i was busy dancing and grooving.


CLAIRE!! Oh God she is such a doll. Plus, i think only Grimes can pull off a getup which include a Mosaic t-shirt, funky looking shorts, tights AND bedroom slippers on stage. A chill outfit on a cool Claire Boucher.






A couple of songs later, two dancers came out and bubbles starting appearing from the sides of the stage. I got distracted by the damn bubbles and can’t help but pop them when they were in front of me hah.


She started tying up her hair halfway through her set hehe.




Claire’s new dip-dyed hair color is somewhat similar to mine hehe^o^ Coincidence cause we be bffs lulz. Okay minus the dyed bangs. I highly doubt that i can pull that off.


Only a total of 8 songs were performed for that whole hour. :( It all ended so quickly. Too quick. One hour is not enough.


I like this photo cause the lights are all like shining brightly on Grimes.

I’ve watched videos on Youtube of Grimes’ live shows and boy did her energy complement her beats and mixes which made all of us dancing as if it was a dancefloor. I had sooo much fun.

There were two Grimes sets for that day and mine was the 7.30pm set. The meet and greet session was only limited to 30 minutes and by the time it was like literally a person before my turn, time was up :( Grimes was right in front of me and i just passed her my gifts and she was so reluctant to leave the meet and greet but she had to go and get ready for her second set. She gave me a hug (eeeep) which gave me more hope to wait for her second set to end for her second meet and greet session. This time, Cass came and we managed to take photos with Grimes and got autographs!!

Hugged her thrice!! Hehe. Thanks to Fiona for sparing an instax film for me :)
Hugged her thrice!! Hehe. Thanks to Fiona for sparing an instax film for me :)

Yeah, i need to get it scanned haha.

Phone camera shot
Phone camera shot
Mementoes for the day ^o^
Mementoes for the day ^o^

Got my ticket and my Yen magazine signed hehehe.

Mosaic photobooth 3!

By far D best and most fun Saturday yet. :)

I only videoed i song from her set! ~BE a Bodaye~

P.S. You can read my live review of her set on the JERMZ site. :)



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