I feel it in my bones

Outfit documentation #1:

☁ Vintage denim jacket (dad's)☁ Oakam Market's Sid & Nancy muscle tank ☁ Dorothy Perkins' mint denim shorts ☁ Macbeth's Eliot Women Vegan
☁ Vintage denim jacket (dad’s)
☁ Oakam Market’s Sid & Nancy muscle tank
☁ Dorothy Perkins’ mint denim shorts
☁ Macbeth’s Eliot Women Vegan Shoes

This was Tuesday’s outfit actually… Finally wore the Sid & Nancy tank out which i luvvv. And you can never go wrong with a pair of Macbeth’s. \m/ And i will forever be a sucker for pastel colors. Just like my never ending love for florals, which i am currently taking a break from cause i’ve been wearing too much floral related clothing in 2k12. Floral fever will be back when i feel like it.

On a side note, i got my Grimes tickets(!!!!!!!!!!!)
Mosaic heard my cries on their facebook page when both her sets were sold out and i told them to release more tickets. And voila. Yours truly got a pair! I am super dee duper stoked for March. Had to scratch Grizzly Bear cause their set and Grimes are on the same day :( Might be going for Tennis’ set. Will consider when the March is getting nearer. Other shows in March would be All Time Low’s… I missed them in 2011 when they first came cause of stupid O Levels. And here’s my chance to catch them live. I do know that A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE that i know are gonna be there. And the venue this year’s is better cause it’s at The Coliseum, which was where Yellowcard’s show was held at and it’s a pretty great venue for large crowds. Though i am only familiar with ATL’s older songs. I might reconsider if i have enough moolah.

Will be going to Laneway Fest next Saturday! Trying my luck on winning tickets to Big Night Out.. But if i don’t i’ll still get a ticket anyway. No way am i gonna miss such rad indie rock bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Vampire Weekend. Not a vivid listener of Band Of Horses but i’m fan enough to want to watch them live! Haha. I am super stoked for these two festivals! A fab way to end January.



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