drop dead

Was just browsing Drop Dead‘s website and boy do i want a couple of things from there! So many cute tops that i’m lusting over right now. I know that Singapore sells Drop Dead shit in a physical store at Boards and Stuff but sometimes the things that they have online isn’t exactly the same as in the store. As usual, i was picturing in my head an outfit that i’d put together with some of the Drop Dead items. So i decided to create my own Drop Dead inspiration sets at Polyvore.

Drop Dead’s bubble dress which is sweet and simple. I’d probably wear this outfit on a date or perhaps to a picnic or just chilling in a cafe with good company.

‘Eat Shit And Drop Dead’ isn’t exactly the most appropriate(but what is appropriate nowadays anyway?) slogan to be wearing out but i dig the tie-dye, psychedelic color of the tank. I’d definitely wear it with a pair of Macbeths (or a pair of booties is good too) and a trusty Kanken bag. The quotation earrings are cute too. I’d wear this to a gig or a music festival.

Hmm, perhaps i should do this on a weekly basis? Creating inspirational sets which are fashion related. I really miss dressing up and documenting what i wear… Maybe i shall continue documenting what i wear this year and hopefully i can reach up to #100! It’s nice to look back at the end of the year at what i wear and what i wear often and also what i need in my wardrobe. For example, i am in dire need of basic skater or pleated skirts right now. Hopefully i can get them by next week! I have far too many printed skirts (not complaining) it’s just that i’d like to match my tops with something plain and non-printed skirts at times.

Fashion is not something i’d wanna get serious but it’s fun to dress up and it’s part of my interest. I get my fashion inspiration from… Well to be honest, music. From band members/artists ie Tegan and Sara and Lana Del Rey. And okay… TuMbLr as well! Hah! And i occasionally visit my favorite fashion bloggers’ blogs as well. I like to not just stick to a particular style (ie ‘grunge’) but to explore various styles and incorporate them into my own style which isn’t fix and pretty much flexible according to my mood or according to Singapore’s crazy weather. Hence the two different outfits above.

PS i’ve updated my selling blog! :)



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