sweet disposition

Last week, i finally made an appointment to the hair salon to do my hair! Been wanting to ~jazz up my hair again, not that it has ever been that jazzy. Did what i’ve been wanting to do since i was 16 and that is to dip-dye my hair. Initially, i wanted to dye my whole head but… Due to the sensitivity and condition of my hair, i decided not to :( At least when i’m bored with my colored locks, i could just chop them off! The color was actually suppose to be a shade of purple-red-pink but it turned out a shade of fire like the above picture. My hair is a natural shade of dark brown, so dyeing it anything brown related is out of the questions. I rather not dye than dye it brown!

I’ve till next week to decide whether i should darken the color to the purple, or more specifically, plum-ish color that i wanted or i should just stick to orange-red? I’d still want to gloss the color though..

Last month, i experimented with pastel chalks and decided to chalk my locks a bit… Well, it didn’t exactly turn out well. As in like the color was great, i mixed all the shades of red that’s available from the box and it turned out a shade of red-pink-purple. After watching several videos on youtube ‘tutorial’ on chalking hair, it looked simple and i got excited and bought a small box of pastel chalks from Daiso the next day. The downside about chalking your hair is that damn, they’ll stain your pillowcase plus the tops you wear. Which sucks. But ah well, at least i know how i’ll look like in that shade of purple-pink. Though i’ll definitely won’t chalk my hair again after this experience hah.


Guess who just got herself a nephew?
Meet Izra Kenshin, the lil new presh member of the family. :) He was born last Wednesday, 19 Dec.
I swear i wanted  to cry the first time i saw him and held him…
So damn happy for my sister and her husband for their first child. And my first nephew. Plus my parents’ first grandchild. I know this gift from God is definitely gonna be a huuuge change for my whole family.


Short trip to KL for 4 days last Friday to Monday morning. I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘getaway’… But probably the closest one i got. Been yearning for a getaway ever since school ended. It was a family vacation, paternal side to be more exact. And i was the only one reppin’ the Nordin family since they’re busy and can’t make it since it was pretty last minute… Anyhoo, had a decent time over there though i wish i snapped more photos.
The flight from Singapore to KL was faster than the trip from my house (Bugis) to Choa Chu Kang by bus. Haha. 5.55am flight was no joke but it’s not as if i’ve flights at ungodly hours everyday anyway.

Ate at a bunch of Malaysian food restaurants when we were there. The highlight for me in terms of food was actually Subway and Tepenyaki (food that are not Halal in Singapore sobz). Regretted not eating Subway on the last day damn..
There’s actually more loots that i bought from KL! Am in love with the rings and earrings hehe.

Did some research and we wanted to go on a little adventure and explore outside of the typical town of KL. Headed over to this mall called Publika which was about a half hour to 45 minutes drive away from Bukit Bintang, which was near our hotel. The first cafe we went to was called +Wondermilk. City and Colour was playing when our food arrived which was a plus point. ^0^ Nothing like good food with good music. The cupcakes looked really good too but we didn’t manage to eat them. I had the grilled chicken burger which was yummy and i’m salivating as i am thinking about the burger right now… Hah.
This was at one of the store from the mall, didn’t quite catch the name but they had those neat, quirky stuff.
The Poster book version from the colouring book one that i got 2 months back.

The second cafe we went to, Food Foundry where we sorta had our dessert. It was all the way at Petaling Jaya, which was outside of KL. This cafe is located below an old-looking flat. How cool is that. Actually there were a bunch of cafes below the flats.

I don’t go to KL that often, only to attend weddings with my family. The last time i went to KL was… 2-3 years ago? This year’s trip was just one of those family trips that my dad’s side like to organize. KL is still the same to me though. Maybe cause i’m always around the same area every time i go there. I’d sure love to visit Publika again and
Petaling Jaya area and Bangsar. That is, if i go to KL again.




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