Dreamy Fossils

Attended Beach Fossils’ gig last Sunday and it was simply amazeballz. One of my favorite shoegaze bands blew me away within an hour of their set.

Had dinner and went to Home Club with Shaiful and we were actually earlier than we thought we were. Then soon, more and more people arrived and waited outside the venue. I think we waited for almost an hour and a half before the show started due to some delay that went on inside. But in the midst of waiting, the guys from Beach Fossils came out to say hi!!! I was chatting with Sofea and her friend then Shaiful came to me and said that the band was there and I was like holy shit and my fan girl mode was switched on.

Beach Fossils Live in Singapore 2012 | Dinah Amira | dreams and oceans
Jack from Craft Spells toured with Beach Fossils as the bassist. He’s so cute ohmylord.

Beach Fossils Live in Singapore 2012 | Dinah Amira | dreams and oceans
Managed to get a photo with the whole band!! :) It felt a wee bit awkward cause everyone was looking.. Hahaha.

I hate printed tickets. They’re just. Uncool. And once again, I was unprepared and had to borrow markers from other people. I seriously need to invest on a Sharpie and bring it to every show I attend to just in case.

The merch booth outside. The Marshall headphones are pretty rad. If I had enough cash, I would have bought the band tee.

Obedient Wives Club as the opening act. ~support local bands~ ^o^

Dustin and I making eye contact B-) haha.

I just love it when the flash from my phone is on and it makes the photo look all cool and grainish.



Took this from Sofea’s instagram! Dustin actually snapped a photo using his disposable camera before one the of the songs. How cute is that?!

This was before the crowd separated us haha I was shifted from the center to the right side. It was interesting actually.

Honestly speaking I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd because everyone was so enthusiastic and jumping and grooving to the melodies of the songs being played. Which was cool. I would so crowd surf if I wasn’t wearing a dress hahaha.
I enjoyed myself so much and Sunday night was D highlight on my last week. Hmm, perhaps also my whole entire November.

Outfit of the night: my happy face. :)

Sigur Rós’ show this Friday. So that’s like 2 gigs within 6 days for me. Suh-weet. B-)

Managed to record 3 songs! I initially wanted to record ‘The Horse’ which was the second song that they played but the crowd sorta magically shifted me from one end to the other end of the floor so my recording was really unsuccessful due to the shakiness. They sounded amazing live. This has got to be on top of my list of indie rock shows for now.

Check out my live review of this show @ offkey.sg!



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