Introductory Post: Happiness

This is me looking relatively content because. Well, i am. That is my current favourite stripes top which i recently bought from H&M this week. I spent approximately 40$ in total for all of my expenditure on clothes. Wasn’t suppose to shop but the retail therapy does help a bit in increasing the level of happiness which has been rather low on the radar for me for the past 2 weeks or so.

Why should one be unhappy? How does another human being’s words, actions or even presence affect another human being’s happiness? Why should we care? Because of this thing called ‘feelings’ or ’emotions’. Sensitive or not, the way someone says something to you or treats you may be like getting slammed right in the face by a door. Especially when they mean something to you… I am not one to get let down or disheartened very easily but my tumble-log says otherwise… I would call the posts on that platform my ‘sadspiration’. When i do feel unhappy or mildly depressed, all i do is mope around as if my life depended on it. I’m pretty good at that. Moping around. But not very good at letting out my unhappiness. I don’t know whether my eyes or face shows it or not (cause i don’t look at my face that often har har) but no matter how hard i try to run away and hide my feelings, the weigh in my heart grows heavier. Hence, i attempt to write them down in my journal, tweet relevant lyrics from song, text my closest friend. Honestly speaking, letting it out to someone does make me feel a little better. I have this little problem where i just bottle things up which drives my internally insane for a bit there. I am an open-minded person but i am not a very open book. Introvert? Extrovert? I prefer none. :)

Contrary to the title of my post, the content seems to be more filled with my struggle with seeking happiness rather than the happiness itself haha.

Also a reason for me to be happy is that i’ll be seeing Beach Fossils later tonight. B-) Totally stoked! Haven’t been to a gig in a while now.

It’s 3.43am and my eyebags are screaming at me to go to bed.


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